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Each toy is hand-made with love, so when you buy a Feline Fun Factory toy, you are getting far more than just a toy, and your cat will love you for it!

The Feline Fun Factory team is environmentally aware. Our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Exciting News! 

The Jingle Bells Collection is now available for purchase. 

Finish 2020 with joy and jingles, laughter and love! Feline Fun Factory’s Jingle Bells Collection consists of three different Christmas-themed duo packs, each containing a self-play and interactive toy. Individually each pack costs R80.00 but you can purchase all three for only R200.



The perfect starter kit!

The kitten pack is the perfect starter kit for a new kitten. Breeders impress their new kitten owners with this ready-to-go bag of fun and love, ensuring a commitment to playtime with the new family member.

This pack consists of three self-play toys and two interactive teasers to nurture growing bodies and brains, to entertain them and their humans and to foster bonding.

Kitten packs are gender specific: Boys are blues and greens, Girls are pinks and purple. Earth and fire tones are used for Neutral Kitten Packs.


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