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Cat Toys – Approved by Cats


As Burmese breeders, we understand cats’ love of, and need for toys. Burmese mothers start introducing their babies to toys before the kittens can walk! The kittens grow up loving sounds that crinkle, tinkle and rattle. Their greatest fun is chasing and catching the “prey” on the ends of teasers.

Cats that have the opportunity to play are more sociable and stable, they eat and sleep better, they bond better with their humans, and they hunt less or not at all. There are only good reasons to play with your cat and the best reason is that it is soul-food for you too!

Our kittens go to their owners with a goody bag of toys. Finding inspiring, suitable, affordable and safe toys was the challenge. The solution was to make the toys ourselves. Over time, the toys evolved, manufacturing methods were refined and our range of toys expanded. Most rewarding was the demand for our toys from fellow cat lovers, a demand that grew and grew and grew!


Feline Fun Factory was formalised in 2018 and our part-time hobby became a dedicated commitment. We are fanatical about two things; quality and safety. 

Wherever possible we use natural materials and we make no compromises. When you get a Feline Fun Factory cat toy, you are assured that it is made to our high standards and that your cat will be thrilled with the new acquisition. We continue to make the toys ourselves with love.

Some of our toys are created with gender-specific and neutral colours (we’re a bit un-PC!) with a range of variations to choose from depending on availability. 

Cat Toys

Kitten Packs

Our kitten pack is the perfect starter kit for a new kitten. Breeders impress their new kitten owners with this ready-to-go bag of fun and love, ensuring a commitment to playtime with the new family member. This pack consists of two self-play toys and two interactive teasers to nurture growing bodies and brains, to entertain them and their humans and to foster bonding.

Kitten packs are gender specific: Boys are blues and greens, Girls are pinks and purple. Earth and fire tones are used for Neutral Kitten Packs.

Interactive Cat Toys & Teasers

All of our teasers are cat-approved! The present range is a distillation of designs favoured by cats around the world. We are confident that there is something for every cat; the active and the languid, the cautious and the extrovert, the reluctant and the enthusiastic. Teasers are on 40cm rods which are wooden or plastic depending on the product’s requirements.


Teasers should not be left lying around. Cats cannot emulate the movement and often frustration leads them to destroy their toy!


These toys are suitable for a variety of games.

Self-Play Toys

As implied by the name, this is a range of toys that will entertain your cat in your absence (and your presence). Many cats learn to retrieve, to bat a ball or play hide-and-seek. 

Feline Favourites

Each toy is hand-made with love, so when you buy a Feline Fun Factory toy, you are getting far more than just a toy, and your cat will love you for it!

Our Famous Fuzzy Worm Teaser!

Conceptualised and perfected by Feline Fun Factory, our famous FUZZY WORM teaser has a distinctive life-like movement exclusive to Feline Fun Factory. Beware of imitations that won’t have the same worm-like wiggle. 


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